The ROTC & JROTC Cadet Programs 

The ROTC & JROTC Cadet Programs

The Army Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC), as it exists today, began with President Wilson signing the National Defense Act of 1916. Although military training had been taking place in civilian colleges and universities as early as 1819, the signing of the National Defense Act brought this training under single, federally-controlled entity: The Reserve Officers’ Training Corps. Army ROTC is the largest officer-producing organization with the American military, having commissioned more than half a million second lieutenants since its inception.


The United States Army Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (JROTC) came into being with the passage of the National Defense Act of 1916. Under the provisions of the Act, high schools were authorized the loan of federal military equipment and the assignment of active duty military personnel as instructors. In 1964, the Vitalization Act opened JROTC up to the other services and replaced most of the active duty instructors with retirees who worked for and were cost shared by the schools. Title 10 of the U.S. Code declares that “the purpose of Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps is to instill in students in United States secondary educational institutions the value of citizenship, service to the United States, personal responsibility, and a sense of accomplishment.”

What GLAC AUSA Offers to ROTC and JROTC

  • Professional Development

  • Opportunity for additional leadership experience

  • GLAC AUSA ROTC Companies support community and school projects

  • Provides national recognition for the school and individual cadets

  • Tutoring and mentoring programs

  • Chapter support to cadet programs


Advantages of AUSA-GLAC Companies for Cadets:

  • Helps build a positive Army image on campus and in the community

  • Helps cadet adjust to Army life and ties cadet closer to Active Army

  • Presents cadets leadership opportunities

  • Motivates cadets to take advanced courses and to attain commissions

  • Provides opportunity for awards, scholarship money, and recognition through the support of a local AUSA chapter

  • Provides an opportunity for national recognition of the company and school through national level awards competition which are presented at the Annual Meeting 

The OMAR N. BRADLEY SCHOLARSHIP AND EDUCATION FUND was established by the Greater Los Angeles Chapter to collect and disburse funds exclusively to further the charitable, scientific, literary, and educational objectives of the Association of the United States Army. Among the beneficiaries of the Fund are the Army ROTC in Los Angeles area Universities and the Junior ROTC program in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

At the university level we provide scholarships and awards to cadets in the four ROTC Battalions in our area.

The Chapter is a major supporter of the JROTC Program in the Los Angeles Unified School District. We provide funding for:

  • The All City Drill Competition in which over 850 cadets at 17 schools participate. AUSA covers transportation, trophies and plaques.

  • All City Staff Leadership Competition. This annual event determines the top ten cadets in the city and is one of the most prestigious achievements that cadets can earn in the LAUSA- JROTC program. Cadets are tested in five categories and must have a high Grade Point Average. AUSA covers food, plaques, trophies, medals and cords. 

  • Transportation for over 100 cadets to attend the annual Summer Encampment. 

  • Transportation for the top drill team to the National Drill Team Competition at Ft. Knox, KY. 

  • Presentation of the AUSA- JROTC Achievement Medals to the top cadets in many high schools within the Chapter’s area of responsibility.

The Chapter also supports the California Cadet Corps by helping sponsor their annual summer encampment.

Our educational programs are supported through the Omar Bradley Scholarship Fund which is managed by the Greater Los Angeles Chapter GLAC AUSA .