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Please donate seats for our local Soldiers! Below is a short list of some of the amazing work our local heroes accomplished over the past several years. Please use the link below.

  • Distributed 253,418,668 meals from food banks

  • Administered 241,000 COVID tests

  • Provided 1,434,493 vaccinations

  • Responded to multiple wildfire activations across the state - two of the worst wildfire years in history

  • Provided civil disturbance responses here in California and Washington D.C

After all that, don’t you think these amazing Soldiers
deserve one very special night off? 

When someone says “Army,” what comes to mind?

We all know that they are an amazing fighting force, each one ready and willing to lay down their lives to defend our country, our freedoms and our rights.

But did you know that the “total Army” includes the National Guard? The California National Guard supports on-going operations overseas and at home.

Our California National Guard, United States Army Reserve, and the Army Recruiting Battalions have all been exceptionally busy the past few years.

How about sponsoring a Soldier to the Greater Los Angeles Chapter of AUSA Army Birthday Ball? This is one of the few events at which we have a chance to recognize and honor our local Soldiers. It’s a special evening that they enjoy enormously; you should see them on the dance floor!

Army Birthday Ball
1 June 2024

The Hilton Hotel, Long Beach, CA

Why not purchase a seat for yourself and join us!

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